Sales, Marketing and Finance Management Services

It’s a tough decision when deciding what type of equipment and manufacturer to choose and even tougher deciding how to acquire it.
Whether you are a purchaser trying to decide what is the best method to pay for your equipment purchase, or an equipment reseller trying to help your customers with critical business decisions, Pro Capital can help with:

Pro Capital Corporation
Cash flow and depreciation advantages
capital equipment financing solutions
Cost Control and budgets
phoenix equipment sales
Maintenance and upgrades
equipment lease management
Return on investment consideration
Pro Capital has the experience and expertise that will help you make the right decisions.
Our goal at Pro Capital is to manage and support our sales and finance services offering. Our complete suite of software provides us with a more efficient and results oriented way to:
  • Promote and direct prospective customers to their products
  • Increase closing ratios by focusing sales efforts towards interested viable prospects that are financially sound
  • Obtain quick, accurate product financing quotes with low affordable monthly payments
  • Promote creative equipment financing solutions
  • Simplify credit applications, documentation and funding